By Bosque de Paz

November 15, 2014


CST is a product of the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), that evaluates business compliance with a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resource management. Bosque de Paz, as a leader in resource conservation, has joined the CST program, and we wish to explain our current compliance processes as follows:

1. Physical-biological parameters:

a. We only use biodegradable cleaning agents, and recycle all their containers.
b. Bosque de Paz has formal guidelines to avoid negative impacts on the surrounding ecosystem.
c. Our trail rules guarantee all guests are informed to minimize human impact.
d. All of the plant and animal species in the preserve are native to the forest.

2. Infrastructure and services:

a. We have a water and energy saving policy, and inform our guests to cooperate with our efforts.
b. Spring water used at Bosque de Paz is certified as potable, fit for human consumption.
c. All infrastructure is constantly checked personnel to ensure adecuate function and energy use.
d. Bosque de Paz operates under a strict recycling and waste reduction policy.
c. Our meals contain a maximum usage of fresh, natural and organic ingredients.
d. We operate a small experimental orchard, to supply organically grown ingredients for the kitchen.
e. Employees are constantly trained to assure better sustainability and conservation practices.

3. External Client:

a. Labeled trash cans to allow guests to separate garbage for proper disposal and recycling.
b. Guests may follow recommendations regarding our water, energy and waste disposal policies.
c. We formally ask guests about ideas about how to optimize our CST participation.
d. We offer our guests additional scientific literature regarding native flora and fauna.

4. Socio-economic environment:

a. As a formal policy, all of the employees at Bosque de Paz are part of the local population.
b. Bosque de Paz has a training policy for all our collaborators.
c. We have a public space to announce community activities and other locasl destinations.
d. Bosque de Paz has a commercial policy that favors commerce local farms and businesses.
e. The preserve exhibits local arts and crafts made by members of the community.