Welcome to Bosque de Paz!


Bosque de Paz, a lush jungle paradise, surrounded by magnificent cloud and rainy forests, which constitute the richness of the tropics, in the middle of Costa Rica, at barely 1 ½ hours from the capital, San José.

In our Lodge, you will discover great natural beauty, abundance of crystal waters and the richness of some extraordinary forests where the privacy and our personalized attention form a unique and unrepeatable experience.

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Your visit at our Bosque de Paz Reserve will be an important personal contribution as well as an extra ecological support against the environmental damage affecting the world. In addition, live the experience of being able to breathe the purest air of the mountains, while resting or walking through the jungle, without any environmental pollution and in evident contrast with the daily life of a world full of stress, worries and scares.

In this magical place, where the daily preoccupation is non-existent and the presence of God, peace, harmony, serenity and balance

Orchid Research Center

“Nothing prepared me for the experience of seeing epiphytic orchids growing and blooming in the high cloud forest of Costa Rica at Bosque de Paz, beginning in 1998″

Research Geophysicist, U.S. Geological Survey

Orchid Conservation Project at Bosque de Paz

Orchid discoveries at Bosque de Paz

Orchid Flora Gallery

Client Testimonials

  • As the name suggests, Bosque De Paz is indeed a ‘Forest Of Peace’. It is a hidden jewel of Costa Rica that we enjoyed staying at for 3 days. A small property that makes you feel welcome starting from the time you check in. We received a warm welcome by the property owner Mr Federico (I hope I got his name right) who personally made sure we were well attended to. The rooms are well appointed, so are the bathrooms. It is a birders paradise with a variety of Hummingbirds and birds of other kinds flocking the property through the day. They have a number of trails to explore and wildlife to see and experience along the way. Food was made to order and better that what we expected. Staff were friendly and made sure we were attended to all the time. A true paradise and a place that does more than enough justice to it name. Pros - Location location location - Birdwatching - Hiking - Food Cons - Can’t think of any Net-net, definitely recommend it if your are a avid birders, wildlifer, hiker or someone who just wants to enjoy a few days in the lap of nature in Costa Rica.
    “A Forest Of Peace Indeed!”
  • "What can I say? This is my 7th trip to your wonderful country. This is the most special of all places. Your special warmth and dedication make Bosque de Paz what it is. Thank you from us for all birds and plants that will remain here because of you. God bless. We have found Paradise!!!."
    Warshower Family – New York
  • "We will hope to return to this beautiful place and to wonderful hostess. From heart to hearts with great love. Thank you."
    Kirill and Antonina Schowvaloski – Moscow, Russia
  • "A jewel in beautiful Costa Rica. So many birds and orchids, such wonderful food and hosts. Relaxing and beautiful."
    Fred and Joanne Trebatoski – Ford Myers, Fla.
  • "One of the most beautiful place I have ever seen and had the pleasure to stay. I just wish I knew more about all thebirds and plants."
    Matilda Granville – UK
  • "The last day of our third visit to Bosque de Paz. There are no words I can find to describe how wonderful our stay has been. Thank you.”
    Dr. Stephen and Lyle Kirby – California
  • "Beautiful, peaceful spot, gracious host and hostess. Always a blessing of food and good day. Bird paradise. Thank you."
    John and Elizabeth Klingseisen – Wisconsin
  • "We already know this lovely month will be the best of our lives - so far! We love Bosque de Paz."
    Steven and Danita Cole – Malibu, California
  • “You are doing very important work. I am grateful to have been able to share it. I am rested a relaxed a hope to keep this spirit with me. I will return with my husband. You are lovely people and made my stay special.”
    Anita Rockefeller
  • “Wonderful scenery, lovely people, and delicious food. I will always remember my time here.”
    Ann Shelle
  • “Breath taking. Another piece of God´s Garden. Paradise. Your kindness is unforgettable!. Thank you for all you have done.”
    Cara Baldain
  • “So unusual to find such beauty place, an inspiration coupled with such comfort. Thank you for your warm hospitality and for bringing us close to nature.”
    The Platt Family

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Destinations near Bosque de Paz
Bosque de Paz is located near many of Costa Rica most ecxiting destinations you can visit any of this wonderful location on your visit to Bosque de Paz

What we offer our guests

Our small Lodge is only made up of 12 very spacious rooms, pleasantly decorated, exclusively designed and adorned with Costa Rican handicraft and providing a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Each room has two double beds, a private bathroom with hot water and ample balconies to admire the magnificent landscape of our mountains. Upon waking up the hosts can get surprised by the concert of birds that contrast with the howling monkeys.

When you walk along our various natural trails, you will be able to admire the fabulous biodiversity up in the centenarian trees loaded with orchids, bromeliads, moss and ferns,

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Our Rooms

Our rooms are fully furnished with exclusive ironworks and Costa Rican pottery. Each one has two double beds, private bathroom, and hot water.

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Our Restaurant

Our dining room offers to our guests delicious homemade meals of gourmet Costa Rican typical dishes, natural drinks, and premium coffee, with a 180-degree angle view.

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Entertaiment and Library

We offer our visitors a reference library with books on natural history and research documents on our Preserve. We also have board games and a television

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So much to do

There is so much to do at Bosque de Paz besides the exuberant cloud and rain forest and the many kilometers of trails to observe wildlife we have many interesting activities and specialized events for your enjoyment like bird watching, wildlife photography, waterfall hike and many more.
Bird Watching

Do you call yourself a birder, a bird watching enthusiast, a nature and bird photographer, or just a curiosity seeker hoping to see the resplendent Quetzal

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Wildlife Photography

Many factors combine to assure consistent quality at Bosque de Paz. These include excellent wildlife viewing, bird watching, orchid garden and tours

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Waterfall Hike

For the adventureous, a longer guided hike to our own waterfall is an amazing wonder you’ll always remember. Go with our resident naturalists, or

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Enjoy our lodge 360 virtual tour visit.

Our virtual tour will show you the lodge’s infrastructure, rooms and sommon areas, please enjoy.