Your Home in the green hearth of our planet

Bosque de Paz, a lush jungle paradise, surrounded by magnificent cloud and rainy forests, which constitute the richness of the tropics, in the middle of Costa Rica, at barely 1 ½ hours from the capital, San José.

In our Lodge, you will discover great natural beauty, abundance of crystal waters and the richness of some extraordinary forests where the privacy and our personalized attention form a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Your visit at our Bosque de Paz Reserve will be an important personal contribution as well as an extra ecological support against the environmental damage affecting the world. In addition, live the experience of being able to breathe the purest air of the mountains, while resting or walking through the jungle, without any environmental pollution and in evident contrast with the daily life of a world full of stress, worries and scares.

In this magical place, where the daily preoccupation is non-existent and the presence of God, peace, harmony, serenity and balance are natural elements that permeate the atmosphere and calm the spirit and where you can sensitize the senses, reflect, meditate, interiorize and find yourself. Our Bosque de Paz Biological Reserve, is a natural biological corridor, located in the Continental Divide, between the National Poas Volcano Park and the National Juan Castro Blanco Water Park, and therefore, some of the best birdwatching in Costa Rica.

Tourist Sustainability Certificate (CST)
Bosque de Paz Eco Lodge & Reserva Biológica has obtained the official ranking of Tourist Sustainability Certificate (Certificado de Sostenibilidad Turística C.S.T.), awarded by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, as an acknowledgement for our eco-friendly achievements.
What we offer our guests

Our small Lodge is only made up of 12 very spacious rooms, pleasantly decorated, exclusively designed and adorned with Costa Rican handicraft and providing a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Each room has two double beds, a private bathroom with hot water and ample balconies to admire the magnificent landscape of our mountains. Upon waking up the hosts can get surprised by the concert of birds that contrast with the howling monkeys.

When you walk along our various natural trails, you will be able to admire the fabulous biodiversity up in the centenarian trees loaded with orchids, bromeliads, moss and ferns, set in an unforgettable landscape and surrounded by impressive mountains, valleys, rivers and imposing waterfalls… and then, taste a delicious home-made meal in our dining room.

Our Lodge has a small natural history bookcase in a comfortable living room. Also, our hosts can enjoy the ample terrace with a spectacular view on the imposing mountains, where they can marvel at the great variety of birds, multicolor humming birds and several mammals.

We have developed an interesting research Project in our Dr. Stephen Kirby Orchid Garden, which is being visited more every day by renowned orchid specialists and naturalists, interacting with the University of Costa Rica and Lankaster Gardens.

Certificate for planting a tree and regenerating the forests
Because we believe in the marvelous miracle of Creation, collaborate with mankind by planting a tree in our forests, birthplace and bosom of life… and you will leave your print in the forest and receive a certificate crediting you as a contributor in our Planet-aid programs.
Personalized attention and privacy

Bosque de Paz is definitively the best model of what the marvelous nature and great Costa Rican hospitality can offer you, through the personalized attention of the González family, the owners.

We only receive small groups, with prior reservation, so as to protect the flora, fauna of our Reserve and the privacy of our hosts. This enables us to stand out by providing a personalized attention to our clients. These often come back to live this unique and intimate contact with nature, which they have only managed to experiment at Bosque de Paz, your eco lodge in the green heart of our planet… and most importantly, you will always be an extra member of our family!

Do you like birdwatching, orchid gardens, takeing pictures of wildlife and birds, going on jungle nature hikes through a cloud forest, and believe in conservation? If so, then you’ll love the Bosque de Paz Private Ecological Reserve and Lodge – An orchid and bird watching paradise in the mountains, unparalleled just about anywhere in the world – a haven for photographers – orchid, nature, animal and bird photography, especially hummingbirds.

In an effort to protect the exuberant flora and fauna in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range of Costa Rica, Federico González-Pinto, his wife Vanessa, and his son Federico Jr. are dedicated to fulfill a dream:

  • To create a large Biological Corridor for future generations to enjoy and admire.
  • To create a consciousness about the importance of conservation through ecological tourism and education.

Now the González family personally attends nature and orchid lovers, and bird watchers, from around the world to share their natural treasure. Come and enjoy our comfortable rainforest hotel in a cool, mountain jungle with waterfall hike on our maintained nature trails, and help Costa Rica realize its sustainable eco-tourism goals.