The waterfall hike is one of our clients favorite activities the walk can take up to 3 hours round trip at a slow pace to watch and enjoy the rich biodiversity environment.

This is the longest trail in the Reserve, with an extension of 5 kms. With a combination of primary rainforest in the higher areas and secondary rainforest in the lower area, providing a large diversity of flora and fauna. The trail starts at 1500 meters above sea level and reaches 1900 meters above sea level with the breathtaking Fatima Waterfall with a height of 60 meters (180 feet approx.)

The waterfall was named in honor of the Virgin of Fatima and there is an interesting story to be shared during the hike. It is possible to spot the Resplendent Quetzal, not only because it is a bird that inhabits the heights, but also because the trail is full of its favorite fruit trees; Fig, Avocado, and Dama “Lady”.  Other birds found along this trail are the Collared Redstart, Slate-throated Redstart, Collared Trogon, Orange-bellied Trogon, Prong-billed Barbet, Emerald Toucanet, and many more.


  • Great bird watching
  • Waterfall atracttion
  • Half day activity
  • Many photo locations