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Costa Rica Orchids, Flowers, and Hummingbirds at Bosque de Paz Private Nature Reserve Bosque de Paz Rain / Cloud Forest Lodge & Biological Reserve in Costa Rica
Cloud Forest Tours at Bosque de Paz - Hiking, Nature Trails, Birding, Reserves, Wildlife Sanctuaries

Costa Rica waterfall in the rain forest near Bosque de Paz Lodge and eco-hotel

You will admire wonders of nature, outstanding birds, and wildlife at BOSQUE DE PAZ using our all signed trails through the forest. At our preserve we count with different trails ranging from 1 kilometer to 7.5 kilometers, adding up to 22 kilometers through old growth and second growth forest.

You will decide your preference, accordingly with your interest.

We offer several tours from our Preserve to popular destinations and bird hotspots close to the area.

All of our tours include transportation, entrance fees, and meals.


Orchid Guided Tour:

Bosque de Paz Dr. Stephen Kirby Orchid Garden

Did you know that…

…The orchid family (Orchidaceae) is the largest family of flowering plants in the world, with around 20,000 described species?

…Costa Rica has the second highest number of orchid species per square km in the world? Here are around 1,400 registered species of orchids.

…Orchids are one of the most threatened groups of plants? Many species are considered endangered.

…Human activities, like habitat destruction, collection from natural habitats and illegal sales of illegally obtained orchids, have been causing a decrease in orchid populations?

Bosque de Paz has an outdoor Orchid Garden with more than 210 species native to the Reserve.(see the list) Orchid plants have been rescued from fallen branches on the trails of the Reserve and relocated in living trees where they are very easy to see and study. All year round visitors can see an average of 40 species in bloom, most of the very difficult to see along the trails because they naturally live high in the trees. Besides, people can visit our herbarium, where dry samples and flowers in alcohol are stored with the idea of keep reference material of each species. You can appreciate the magnificence of the miniature flowers under a stereoscope and see what your eyes can not see at the first sight. Also, a photo album with the complete collection of orchids is available to the people. This tour is a great opportunity to enjoy the huge orchid diversity, from the big and colorful flowers to the wonderful, fascinating miniatures. The guided visit to the Orchid Garden and herbarium collections is around 1.5 hours and the time is to be agreed with the guest. You can see some of the orchid species in the gallery.

When is the best time to visit the Orchid Garden? Each month, since 2004, the species in bloom in the garden have been recorded by the biologist Christina Marie Smith. Throughout the year, an average of 40 species in bloom can be observed in the Garden, but the best time to come is in the second part of the year (see the graphic).

Caño Negro Wildlife Sanctuary: Caño Negro is located on the northern Caribbean slope and is one of the best wetland habitats in the region to observe such rare and endangered birds such as the Jabiru, Sunbittern, Roseate Spoonbill, Bare-throated Tiger-heron, and Great Potoo.
OTS La Selva Biological Station: La Selva Biological Station is a tropical biology research facility, located in the Caribbean lowlands. It is one of the most famous birdwatching hotspots in Costa Rica, where it is possible to see birds as he Great Tinamou, Great Curassow, Purple-throated Fruitcrow, and Snail Kite. It has 72 kilometers of trails through premontane rainforests. Local Naturalist Guiding services are included.
Whitewater Rafting: We organize trips to the Toro and Sarapiquí rivers fro whitewater rafting tours. These are two of the best rivers for this activity in the world.
Arenal Volcano: The Arenal Volcano is Costa Rica's most active stratovolcano, producing constant lava eruptions, which can be safely observed from the base of the cone. It is also possible to visit hot springs, and see a variety of birds such as Toucans, Jacamars, Crested Guans, and Aracaris.
Poás Volcano: The Poás Volcano is one of Costa Rica's active stratovolcanoes. It has constant gas eruptions at its active crater. It also has the world's most acid natural lake with a pH of 0. It is 2600 meters above sea level, and it is a good place to find many of the endemic species of birds of the country such as Sooty Robin, Large-footed Finch, Peg- billed Finch, Slaty Flowerpiercer, and Black-and-yellow Silky-flycatcher.
Carara National Park: Guided day trip to Carara National Park to seek out scarlet macaws and other birds. Walking on easy trails, you will be on the lookout for crested guan, royal flycatcher, fiery-billed aracari and black-bellied wren. And, of course, scarlet macaws. Carara is one of the few places in Central America where you can see these rare creatures. More than 100 live in the park year-round.

Activities in the Reserve

Bird watching, observation of orchids, mammals and biodiversity…
Hikes along our magnificent naturally designed trails;
Guided bird-watching and natural history excursions;
Photography in magical natural sceneries;
….Reading, family gatherings and anti-stress, meditation and yoga sessions with friends

Favorite one-day excursions from Bosque de Paz

Thanks to its strategic location, you can travel from Bosque de Paz and enjoy the best areas of Costa Rica, with access to tourist points of great importance, such as: San José, Zarcero, Sarchi, Arenal Volcano and San Carlos, Poas Volcano, the Sarapiqui area, National Parks, wildlife refuges, biological stations and beautiful beaches.

On one-day excursions you will be able to enjoy the best sport activities, such as hot air balloon flights, canopy, rafting, boat trips, etc. For horse-back riding fans, we have a special place for rides, on excellent horses, guided by professionals in the field, at merely 1 ˝ hour from our Lodge.