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Costa Rica Orchids, Flowers, and Hummingbirds at Bosque de Paz Private Nature Reserve Bosque de Paz Rain / Cloud Forest Lodge & Biological Reserve in Costa Rica
Guest Comments / Testimonials of visitors to Bosque de Paz Eco-Lodge in the Cloud Forest - Birdwatching, Hiking, Nature

Hi Frederico,

I wrote this poem after we left Bosque de Paz in April.  The feeling of being there was still strong inside of me.  I thought you should have it since you are the one who made Bosque de Paz possible.


A mountain forest way up high
Close enough to kiss the sky

Untouched beauty born from grace
You feel that it's a timeless place.

Who can say how much it's worth
Enjoy the sweetness of the earth.

A place so green, a realm of light
A love for all is pure delight.

Countless birds up in the trees
The breath of God is in the breeze

They sing their songs of endless praise,
Inside our hearts the rhythm plays

My restless thoughts begin to cease
I fall into the well of peace

To see the oneness of the whole
It is my everlasting soul.

Gary Walter

Guests in the nature setting of Bosque de Paz Ecolodge, Costa Rica

Lou Orr from Los Angeles County, CA , !!! WOW !!! I was "Quite Surprised" at this location. My friend and I are nature photographers and are planning to return as soon as possible to capture many more images here at Bosque de Paz! There are so many birds of many varieties !!! Hummingbirds are plentiful, as are many other species. We spotted and photographed more than 40 different species of birds alone, plus, amphibians, insects, flowers (especially orchids)! We were treated like family here! The food was fantastic. The employees were very helpful and even took several opportunities to lead us on the many trails. The owners, Federico and Vanessa are quite the genuinely naturalists that I adore! They even arranged transportation to another lower elevation so that I could photograph even more species of birds and orchids there!

Bob y Sandy Medearis "Fabolous! Fantastic! Extraordinary from every view. Very relaxing, great food and wonderful staff."

Ms. and Mme. Beunne "This is a perfect model of how to do ecotourism right.
The setting, the staff, the birds and animals, and the
to contribute our bit to saving our Planet."

Octavio Pérez y María del Mar Travieso“Estos días han sido un regalo para los sentidos.  A los propietarios, Federico y Vanessa, les agradecemos la extraordinaria y cálida hospitalidad, pero sobre todo el que con su esfuerzo conservacionista hagan este Planeta un sitio mejor. Gracias.”

Diana y Lance Renfrow “Your Peace Forest Hospitality,
and lovely kindness in every way,
have been a huge slice of heaven for us!.
We will always remember you!”

  Dick and Karen Lattin “Words do not describe the wonderful experience,
the people, the surroundings, food and accommodations where magnificent. 
We met new and wonderful friends. 
Many, many thank yous.”

Cleland family“ We adored BOSQUE DE PAZ the warm hospitality was extraordinary.
We are already looking forward to the next visit.”

  Dr. Zimmerman "A remarkable ecological and conservation jewel!
Thank you for you hospitality and educational gift!"

Mr. and Mrs Brisk   "Thanks you for sharing your passion for life, nature, and human beauty.
We respect your life choices.
It made our trip to the fullest extent."

Mr. and Mrs O´Connor "Our passion for nature and birds combined with fine dinning"
PARADISE !Your gracious hospitality, friendly staff and Vinicio expertise,
made our stay a beautiful and peaceful experience.
Thank you. Pura Vida”.

Mr. and Mrs. Zuhauwsky  "We are so glad to have found out about “BOSQUE DE PAZ”
and to have had the pleasure of staying here and meeting such gracious host
and dedicated conservationists as Vanessa and Federico González."

Marco Van Nek and Trudie Kelderman
-“This is such a beautiful place.
A piece of heaven on earth. We enjoyed our stay and
felt at home with the friendly people here.”

The Schram Family -“What a unique and wonderful experience!
The beauty of the sourrindings is matched only by the warmth
and hospitality of the proprieters!!”

Joel and Peg Horman -“The most wonderful place and bless the owners
for keeping it so!.Will be back.”

The Platt Family -“So unusual to find such beauty place, an inspiration
coupled with such comfort. Thank you for your warm hospitality and
for bringing us close to nature.”

Cara Baldain -“Breath taking. Another piece of God´s Garden. Paradise.
Your kindness is unforgettable!. Thank you for all you have done.”

Ann Shelley -“Wonderful scenery, lovely people, and delicious food.
I will always remember my time here.”

Anita Rockefeller -“You are doing very important work.
I am grateful to have been able to share it. I am rested a relaxed
a hope to keep this spirit with me. I will return with my husband.
You are lovely people and made my stay special.”

Steven and Danita Cole - Malibu, California
"We already know this lovely month will be the best of
our lives - so far! We love Bosque de Paz."

John and Elizabeth Klingseisen - Wisconsin
"Beautiful, peaceful spot, gracious host and hostess.
Always a blessing of food and good day. Bird paradise.
Thank you."

Dr. Stephen and Lyle Kirby - California
"The last day of our third visit to Bosque de Paz.
There are no words I can find to describe how wonderful our
stay has been. Thank you.”

Matilda Granville - UK
"One of the most beautiful place I have ever seen
and had the pleasure to stay. I just wish I knew more about
all thebirds and plants."

Fred and Joanne Trebatoski - Ford Myers, Fla.
A jewel in beautiful Costa Rica. So many birds and
orchids, such wonderful food and hosts. Relaxing and beautiful."

Kirill and Antonina Schowvaloski - Moscow, Russia
"We will hope to return to this beautiful place and to
wonderful hostess. From heart to hearts with great love. Thank you."

Warshower Family - New York
What can I say? This is my 7th trip to your wonderful country.
This is the most special of all places. Your special warmth
and dedication make Bosque de Paz what it is. Thank you from us for
all birds and plants that will remain here because of you.
God bless. We have found Paradise!!!."

Rick Marsi
Nature and Birding Tour Leader
Co-Author and Consultant – The Reader’s Digest Book of North American Birds

Having escorted hundreds of birders and nature enthusiasts to Costa Rica over the past decade, I am often asked if I have a favorite place there. The fact is I do. It is Bosque de Paz Cloud Forest Lodge and Preserve. The simplest way I can explain choosing this place is to say that whenever I take people there, or send them there on their own, I am 100 percent certain they will enjoy an outstanding experience.

Many factors combine to assure consistent quality at Bosque de Paz. These include excellent wildlife viewing, expert and friendly guides, delicious food, wonderful service, spectacular surroundings and unequaled hospitality.

Just a few kilometers from Poas Volcano National Park, Bosque de Paz is a private preserve of 3,000 pristine forested acres at around 5,000 feet in elevation. Driving time from Costa Rica’s capital of San Jose is 90 minutes. The lodge at Bosque de Paz is lovely - 12 spacious, well-appointed rooms in a strikingly beautiful setting, surrounded by misty slopes in the morning, warming into the 70s by afternoon. Miles of well-marked trails weave through the preserve, some traversing a lightly forested mountain valley, others scaling the deeply forested slopes surrounding it.  Some trails are steep; others moderate. A sparsely traveled public road adjacent to the preserve also offers good walking and birding, including opportunities to look down into the top of the forest canopy.

Guides are available at Bosque de Paz but not required. Wildlife around the lodge itself is outstanding. Hummingbird feeders are everywhere. They attract a constant swarm of hummers - magnificent, green-crowned brilliant, violet sabrewing, green violet-ear among them - totaling a dozen species. More than 330 species of birds have been recorded at Bosque de Paz in the past decade. Black guans, blue-crowned motmots, coatimundis, agoutis, pacas and other beautiful  creatures venture out of the forest to visit additional feeders around the lodge. I have seen resplendent quetzal there many times. Dippers and torrent tyrannulets skim above a racing mountain stream that runs directly in front of the dining room. I have photographed both species at their nests within 50 yards of the lodge. The preserve also maintains an impressive orchid garden that has garnered international attention and draws visitors from around the world. If one were to never stray more than 50 feet from one's room, one could experience so much at Bosque de Paz.

Owners are Federico Gonzalez-Pinto and his charming wife, Vanessa. The Gonzalezes bought this forest with only two goals in mind: preserving it and sharing it with others. They are lovely people, fluent in English, gracious, attentive, truly in love with their surroundings. They are, in essence, perfect hosts.

Food at Bosque de Paz is excellent. Mr. Gonzalez attended the Cordon Blue School in Paris. He supervises preparation of all meals, which are healthy and delicious.

Another wonderful feature of Bosque de Paz is the option of day excursions. Options include day trips to La Selva Biological Research Station (wonderful lowland rain forest birding; miles of paved, relatively flat trails), Cano Negro National Wildlife Refuge (fabulous jungle boat ride for wading birds, including jabiru stork and others), Poas and Arenal volcanoes (both active yet safe). For the adventurous set, white-water rafting trips also can be arranged.

On all these trips, you leave the preserve in the morning and are back by dinner that evening. No packing your bags and unpacking. No meals in less-than-ideal restaurants. Each night finds you back in your wonderful home-away-from-home at Bosque de Paz - sleeping under a warm blanket in a clean and tastefully appointed room with private bath and all the hot water you want, and hearing that racing mountain stream out the window.

I have visited Bosque de Paz many times, with groups, on my own and with my family (it was the first place I wanted my children to see when they came to Costa Rica for the first time.) This place never disappoints – anyone.

Transfer from the San Jose Airport to Bosque de Paz is easily arranged. Bosque de Paz transfer agents meet arriving guests in sparkling clean vehicles. Transfer back to the airport at the end of your stay also is easily arranged.

Arriving at Bosque de Paz is, for me, like arriving at my second home. That is how warm and welcoming this place makes its visitors feel. I am honored to offer this unsolicited testimonial and hope you will see Bosque de Paz for yourself very soon.